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Wedding Services

Dance Lessons for wedding and social occasions including holiday parties and cruises!! Bride and Groom, Mother and Son, Father and Daughter

Wedding Dance Instruction in a very private setting can be done personally with Michael or Malinda. They will teach you to dance quickly and effectively while choreographing your First Dance specifically to your very favorite song.  The Wedding Dance material designed for you, will make you look good in front of all your family and friends. Your First Dance choreography will maximize your dance skills (even if you are an absolute beginner) and promises to emotionally touch everyone at your wedding reception. You will be proud to look back and show your friends the pictures and video of your First Wedding Dance.

Please don't forget the parents of either the Bride or Groom. The Father and Daughter dance is a very important moment at any wedding reception, Michael and Malinda will make sure that the Bride and her Dad are comfortable dancing with each other for their special dance.

We also offer group classes for your wedding party. Joining the Bride and Groom for a group Wedding Party dance has recently become very popular.  So give us a call and we will set up your appointment!
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